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Fruit Party 2 Slot Details Releasing 05/08/2021

We recently announced that Fruit Party 2 was set for release by Pragmatic Play on the 5th of August 2021 and today they have released more information on the much anticipated sequel, here we will breakdown all the information currently available on the next biggest slot release off the year!

Fruit Party 2 Slot RTP Max Win Big Win Volatility Pragmatic Play Genius Gambling

Fruit Party 2 will be played out across a 7x7 game grid much like its predecessor Fruit Party and will again see the same symbols carried over from the sequel but with an upgraded look. The game will launch with an RTP off 96.50% with Pragmatic Play describing the game as having high volatility. It will have a maximum win of 25,000x 5 times higher than the original and this can be gained by unlocking the games maximum multiplier of 250x on any win! We like to give you as in-depth analysis as we possible can so have provided all the statistic off the game below.


  • RTP - 96.50%

  • Max multiplier win - 250x

  • Hit frequency - 1 in 2.5 Spins

  • Win over 1000x frequency: 1 in 22,962

  • Chance of landing a Max Win 1 in 495,050

  • Volatility High

  • Max Exposure 25,000

What does any off this mean? Fruit Party 2 looks to build upon the success off the first by increasing the maximum win however because off that when compared with the original it is now harder to get individual wins regardless of their size. This all means that wins may now be less frequent but arguable bigger in size a feature we look forward to seeing in action on the 5th of august 2021 when the game is released you can check out our first announcement off Fruit Party 2 here and of course we will provide you all the information available upon receiving our first look press releases. Looking to have a spin in the meantime we have provided our 6 Genius approved casinos below where you can deposit today and grab yourself some free spins or a 100% match deposit bonus! Terms and conditions apply and as always gamble responsibly.


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