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Inquiry Launched Into The Competence And Effectiveness Of The Gambling Commission

The Parliamentary All Party Betting and Gaming Group has began an inquiry into the UK Gambling Commission, investigating specifically its competence and effectiveness as the regulating and licensing authority of UK gambling. Under this enquiry licensed operators are able to issue complaints which will be categorised into three key components;

Inquiry Launched Into The Competence And Effectiveness Of The Gambling Commission
  1. Whether the Gambling Commission has gone beyond its powers as the UK's regulator

  2. Whether these actions have breached their own regulators code

  3. Whether the commission has provided a poor quality of service or delivered its regulatory action competently

Scott Benton MP and Co-Chair of the APBGG

Scott Benton MP and Co-Chair of the APBGG said "For a number of years, industry members have come to us and complained about the activities of the Commission.” Scott Benton continued "They have been too scared to go public with their concerns, some even about the very legality of the Commission’s undertakings due to the Commission’s power over them" There is a strict deadline for licensee operators to issue any complaints to the APBGG by the 31st of October 2021. At which time these complaints will be used during the review of the 2005 gambling act should the amount of complaints be sufficient. The inquiry against the UKGC will be abandoned if there aren't as many complaints as the APBGG expects with any and all complaints made also being used to inform the development of a report into the UK Gambling Commissions activities as a whole.

Gambling Commision UK

Time will tell if this opportunity for operators to raise concerns over the power the gambling commission wields over the UK gambling market will make a difference. Not just for those with licenses but also for the consumers who use their services from casinos, to online slots and everything in between this shake up could have far reaching ramifications that we will be sure to keep you updated on as this story develops.


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