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Legal Action Against Sky Bet And Sky Vegas Maybe Underway

Last week we reported on Sky Bet and Sky Vegas sending promotional material to self excluded gamblers (read the full article here) this was especially impactful as it occurred during during Safer Gambling Week. Data breach specialists PGMBM is exploring the possibility of bringing legal action to the casinos in wake of their latest data mishandlings. PGMBM is a unique partnership between British, Brazilian and American lawyers, passionate about championing justice for the victims of wrongdoing by big corporations and with Sky's latest data breach potential costing people their recovery from gambling addiction it seems like they may have a case.

Sky Bet Logo

120,000 people who had previously asked both Sky Bet and Sky Vegas to longer contact them by self excluding themselves from the sites or using Gamstop to self exclude themselves were contacted and offered 100 free spins multiple times over. With one person receiving the email 6 times in 10 minutes clear breaches of the UKGC's rules around safe gambling and undermining their guidelines as licensee holders. Both Sky Vegas and Sky Bet were quick to act and published statements regarding the issue across their social media accounts. However PGMBM don't think this went far enough and have since requested that Sky Bet and Sky Vegas share details about the scale of the error with impacted customers so that those effected can be provided with support as soon as possible.

The most likely outcome of this would be a class action law suit with all those effected creating one case against the casinos rather than multiple law suits regarding the one issue. This would happen in addition to any action the gambling commission takes against the brands having previously fined the company £1 million in 2018 for similar breaches of their rules which we have attached below.

Gambling Commission Fines SkyBet 1 million pounds

As always we will keep you up to date with this developing story and provide you any updates as they happen, you can follow PGMBM twitter for more information on the case they are building against Sky here


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