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Max Dangerous And The Lost Relics Slot By Red Rake Gaming Releasing 24/06/2021

Max Dangerous And The Lost Relics is set for release on the 24/06/2021 and Red Rake Gaming have packed their latest slot full of different features and bonuses. The game will launch with an RTP of 95.30% and is described as being highly volatile. Here we will take a look at its many features along with its bonus and base game providing first look pictures and videos before giving our overall Genius Gambling Review and Rating.

Max Dangerous And The Lost Relics Slot Red Rake Gaming Genius Gambling

Base Game

Max Dangerous And The Lost Relics is played across 5x4 reels with different symbols being characterised as some of the famed archaeologists tools and treasures from his handy whip and hat to his chalice and skull valuables. Each of these symbols has a meter to the right of the game board that is filled by landing winning lines, these will cause a cascade that can go onto form other winning lines during each spin. Once a meter is filled it will trigger a different feature these are as follows

  • Whip - Awards a symbol and a multiplier and you will be given a win equal to your bet x the multiplier achieved x the number of times the symbol appears

  • Plane - The plane will move from left to right replacing all symbols with one matching symbol

  • Skull - 3 sticky wilds appear on the reels

  • Hat - Obtain up to 6 wilds on the second reel

  • Chalice - Awards the free spin feature when filled

Max Dangerous And The Lost Relics Slot Red Rake Gaming Genius Gambling

Bonus Game

The bonus game awards 12 free spins with it playing out in a similar manner to the base game however each of the meters progress is saved between spins allowing them to be triggered more easily than in the base game. The chalice meter when filled now awards a multiplier triggered at the end of the free spin round. If less than 10x your bet has been won you will automatically be awarded 4 extra spins until this benchmark has been passed.

Genius Gambling Review

Max Dangerous And The Lost Relics has a lot of different features packed into it which seems great in theory however in reality the game feels really disjointed and at times messy. The features other than that off the plane feature are difficult to follow both visually by how the slot depicts the in game features and mentally for example, the whip feature seems unnecessarily complicated. The player will get a multiplier to their bet multiplied by the amount of times a specific symbol appears on the game board. If you are in the bonus this is then multiplied by the chalices multiplier, keeping up? Because we sure didn't. Added to this the game is slow to play out each spin, the cascade feature allows for multiple wins of one spin which again is great and relatively exciting however if you haven't got a win on the first three reels you will be forced to sit through the game teasing a possible win on reels 4 and 5, despite it being impossible to land a hit without reels 1-3 having a matching symbol. Because of these reasons we give Max Dangerous And The Lost Relics our Genius Gambling Rating of 4.5 out of 10. We applaud Red Rake Gaming for adding so many different features and variations to the game but few of them unfortunately work in creating the excitement necessary for the game to gain a higher rating. Of course this is just our opinion and you can be the judge yourself when the game is released on the 24/06/2021 if you're looking for more information we have provided a video below documenting our time with the game and its bonus and also provided are our top 6 Genius approved casinos this month. Where you can deposit today and get yourself some free spins or a 100% match deposit bonus terms and conditions apply and as always Gamble Responsibly.


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