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Odin: Protector Of Realms 29/07/2021 Play'NGo First Look!

Asgard is under attack! Thor and the rest of the gods are out defending other worlds from evil and only Odin remains to stop enemies from entering our realm. Boosted by the power of his ring Odin's magic has never been stronger and his will to protect never greater!


  • Viking Mythology theme

  • hexagonal grid, stronger for pattern matching clusters

  • full screen potential through the transform feature

  • 3 Odin powers/features

What We know So Far

Not set for release until the 29th Of July 2021 there is little yet known about Odin: Protector of Realms however it can be presumed based off the images displayed here and description given that the game will borrow heavily from Diamond Vortex another of Play'nGo's hit games as it both looks remarkably similar and its features are reminiscent off that slot game. With it being so far away we will be sure to update you as and when we here at Genius Gambling get our hands on a full review copy off the game. (we currently have an update that can be found here) Looking to have a spin whilst waiting for this release? why not head over to Ice 36 where you can gain a 100% match deposit bonus up to £50 by simply click there image below. Please check all terms and conditions before depositing and as always gamble responsibly.


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