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Alchemy Ways By Red Rake Gaming Releasing 27/05/2021

Will you find the perfect chemical mixture to transform raw metals into priceless silver and gold in Red Rake Gaming's upcoming slot Alchemy Ways! Releasing on the 27/05/2021 in some markets and a delayed released off the 01/07/2021 in the UK. The game offers up to a million ways to win with an RTP off 95.30% and a max win off 8000x here we will take a look at the numerous different features and bonuses within the game showing first look pictures and videos before providing our overall Genius Gambling review.

The game is played out across an ever changing 6x10 grid with some parts off the grid being in play whilst others are hidden. This allows for each spin to give drastically different results some will have great megaways whilst others may be pretty empty. The game is home to an array off different base game features helping to keep the player intrigued throughout.


  • Hand Of Alchemy - chooses symbols at random from reels and replaces itself with them

  • Mystery Blocks - will be removed from play at the end of a spin hopefully revealing a win

  • Silver Symbol - land anywhere between 3 and 12 off these to multiply your bet by up to 100

  • Gold Symbol - land anywhere between 3 and 6 off these to muliply your bet by up to 200


Alchemy Ways features two different bonuses the easiest off these to land is the vial bonus. Each loosing spin will slowly fill the vial to the right of the game board which when filled will award the player the alchemist wheel bonus, in our experience this triggered around once every 200 spins. With its guarantee to land as loosing spins are of course expected and a part off gambling its overall volatility isn't the highest but can be boosted by a the double elixir present on the wheel. The Free Spins bonus is a little harder to land and can give 10, 15, 20 and 25 spins respectively which can be awarded from landing free spin symbols or landing an alchemist with a free spin number attached to them. This bonus allows each spin to have an additional multiplier attached which can go as high as 100x and will retrigger giving an extra 4 spins if the minimum of 12x hasn't yet been won.

Genius Gambling Review

Alchemy Ways packs a lot into a little game there are many features bonuses and even a slight grind feature to it however the game itself just feels a bit bland. The visuals leave a lot to be desired and the splash of colour when you get to the vial bonus, comes as a breath of fresh air amongst the drab greys and browns off the base game. The hand of alchemy feature adds very little to the game replacing one symbol for another just isn't engaging or game altering enough to justify the time the slot takes to visually show the player the changes taking effect. Again Alchemy Ways does have a lot off different things to offer however few off them will keep your attention. Its seems sometimes to be a mess off different ideas rather than a cohesive game because off these reasons we give it out overall Genius Gambling rating off 5.5 out of 10. Of course this is just our opinion and you can be the judge yourself by watching the video we have prepared below or playing it yourself when its released in the UK on the 01/07/2021 on Party Casino. Where you can get 50 free spins from depositing £10 by clicking the image below as always please gamble responsibly and check all terms and conditions prior to sign up.


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