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Diamonds Of The Realm! First Announcement By Play'N Go Releasing 12/08/2021

Diamonds Of The Realm is set for release on the 12/08/2021 where we will be following on from the epic adventure in The Sword And The Grail! King Arthur and Queen Guinevere must battle their foes once again, The Diamonds of the realm have been stolen be their fiendish enemies Morgan and Modred. In this epic tale of war and fortune, the king and queen must lead their armies on a perilous quest to take back their precious gemstones and return them to their rightful place within the walls of Camelot.

Diamond of the realm play'n go sword and the grail 2 genius gambling

Key Game Features

  1. Part of The Sword and the Grail series

  2. up to 100x multiplier that applies to all your wins

  3. on the edge of your seat progressive free spins

  4. epic and innovative 3D visual effect

As a Sword and the Grail sequel Diamonds of the Realm is sure to be much anticipated however this is all that is known about the game currently, with its release being so far into the future this is simply our upcoming announcement off the game and closer to the time off its release we will of course give it our Genius Gambling Review. In the meantime tomorrow will see the release off Play'N Go's Scroll Of Dead why not give it a spin over at Mega Casino where you can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to the value of £50 by simply clicking their image below. Terms and conditions apply and as always please gamble responsibly.

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