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Gamban Begins Blocking Trading Platforms And Cryptocurrencies

Gamban, arguably the best choice currently available for people struggling with gambling addiction have expanded their services and are now blocking trading platforms to their portfolio. The decision comes after gamban conducted research on whether different forms of trading of cryptocurrencies can be considered gambling. With their results showing that an "overwhelming proportion" of people surveyed viewed cryptocurrency investments as a type of gambling.

Gamban Begins Blocking Trading Platforms And Cryptocurrencies Genius Gambling

Gamban have stated that they "recognise to some of our users, this approach will appear quite blunt. However we feel that where inappropriately regulated products emerge, which exist at the intersection between gambling and investing, but are more akin to speculating, Gamban must block these if it is to remain the safety net our users rely on.” From now on if a trading platform offers the following services it will no longer be accessible to those under Gamban restrictions;

  • CFD's

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Binary options

  • Forex trading

Gamban Begins Blocking Trading Platforms And Cryptocurrencies Genius Gambling

Gambans main purpose is to limit their users access to gambling and despite what many critics may say the extremely volatile cryptocurrency market is a mirroring of what many consider a gambling practice. Risk and reward, placing increasing bets, not knowing the odds or outcome of your investment. These are all very reminiscent of gambling and we welcome and fully support Gambans decision to add these services to its infrastructure. If you or somebody you care about has a gambling problem, you can rely on gamban to be there if willpower slips. Find out more about the service offered by clicking below.


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