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GambleAware Has Recruited Public Health Experts As Part Of Its Restructure.

The gambling charity GambleAware have announced the appointment of a new Chief Commissioning Officer, Chief Communications Officer and Chief Operations Officer to its senior team. The new hires were made to meet the requirements and objectives laid out within GambleAware’s new five-year Organisational Strategy, including the commitment to applying a public health approach to addressing gambling harms.

This public health approach is demonstrated by these latest additions to the management team with their new Chief Commisioning Officer Anna Hargrave specifically having worked within the NHS commission for 13 years. Anne Hargrave stated that she is "deeply passionate about reducing health inequalities in the UK and minimising the impacts of gambling harm on people and their families is a key component of this. I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to share my skills of working within the health and care system with GambleAware"

GambleAware has recruited public health experts Genius Gambling

GambleAware’s previously mentioned strategy was announced earlier this year with it now focusing on forming a stronger connection with health services, as well as increasing access to gambling harm services. Perhaps its strongest campaign to date "When the fun stops, stop" will still take centre stage but with the charity now primarily targeting problem gamblers through the NHS and other services. This public health approach will hopefully stop the demonization of problem gamblers and aide them in seeking their services. Despite most people being able to control their gambling habits and enjoy the occasional and affordable gamble not everybody can, if you or somebody close to you is struggling with gambling you can reach out to GambleAware here.


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