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Gambling Commission Fines Casino Conglomerate Daub Alderney £5.85Million

Daub Alderney a casino conglomerate that you may not know by name but will be aware of some of there brands has been given a huge £5.85 million fine after an investigation by the gambling commission found that they had anti-money laundering short comings and uncovered prevalent non social responsibility practices.

Daub Alderney brands include the online casinos Magical Vegas, Regal Wins, Spin And Win, Aspers Casino, Lucky VIP Casino and King Jackpot amongst others. The investigation found that the group didn't have appropriate measures in place to find problem gamblers that were using their online casino services from the 01/01/19 till the 01/03/2020 during this time one customer lost over £45,000 in a three month period without drawing the attention of Daub Alderney. This particular customer was also using four separate payment cards in a single day and reversed a winning transaction of £130,000 in order to continue gambling. It is required by casinos who operate within the UKGC jurisdiction to look after their customers and send them reminders of safer gambling practices throughout their gambling session regardless of deposit size or time spent, all casinos are responsible for checking their customers are gambling responsibly and affordably.

The gambling Commission also found that Daub Alderney didn't have a structure in place for anti money laundering practices with one customer not being asked for proof of wealth checks or any evidence after depositing and withdrawing over £40,000 through their account. Helen Venn the executive director of the Gambling Commission is quoted as saying “This case was the result of planned compliance activity and every operator out there should be aware that we will continue to take firm action against those who fail to raise standards

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Rank Group bought all of Daub Alderney shares in October 2019 meaning that they despite not being part of the initial case of shortcomings in their social responsibility practices are now liable to pay all of Daub Alderney's fines Helen Venn went on to say "“The licensee’s culpability, and the requisite penalty reflecting that culpability, cannot be affected by the fact that its shares have now passed from one set of investors to another. The Licensee does not escape or mitigate the consequences of its actions because its shares are sold” The gambling commission in the past has been criticised for not having the strongest measures in place for company's that purposefully disregard their rules. We hope that these fines serve as a warning to other casinos in the future of their responsibility to their customers.


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