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Game Of Thrones Power Stacks Featuring Link & Win Announcement By Slingshot Studios

Game Of Thrones has had a few adventures outside of Westeros and into the gambling world so far and Slingshot Studios aim to build upon the brands popularity with Game Of Thrones Power Stacks!

Game Of Thrones Power Stacks Featuring Link & Win Slintshot Studios Genius Gambling Microgaming Slot

Releasing on the 10/08/2021 the game is still in development with little known about its core mechanics, however we do know the game will feature the Link and Win system. If this is depicted like it is in other slot releases, will see instant cash prizes being held over three spins with each additional wins resetting the three spins. Game Of Thrones Power Stacks will launch with an RTP of 96.20% a very high volatility and a max win of 25,000x unfortunately not much more is known about the game but in the coming weeks we expect to get our hands on a playable demo, at which time we will be able to give you our Genius Gambling Review and Rating.


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