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HippoPop!™ Will The Popwins™ Series Continue To Impress?

Carrying on the success of the Popwins™ series AvatarUX in collaboration Yggdrasil are set for there sixth release on the 31st May 2021 when the much anticipated HippoPop™ is finally unveiled! Joining its predecessors PopRocks™, WildPops™, CherryPop™, BountyPop™ and recently released TikiPop™, here we set out to see what separates the new release from its counterparts and get to grips with its core game mechanics.

Hippopop™ has an RTP of 96.10% and a max win off 48,150x its initial game is set across a 3x5 grid expanding each reel as and when a hit lands on them meaning each spin begins with 486 paylines but can grow all the way to an insane 33,614 paylines. Fully unlocking all the paying reels will not only allow you the maximum potential for a big hit but each win after unlocking the reels will award the player with a win multiplier. This will increase with each individual hit thereafter, additionally unlocking all the paylines will also go on to unlock the bonus feature.

The Bonus Feature will carry over the win multiplier gained from accessing the full paylines and begins with a spinning wheel where you will be given the chance of landing more spins, along with a higher multiplier. Be careful whilst gambling on those spins though as there is also a space on the wheel reserved for a red X that will unfortunately end the bonus early and return the player to the base game. Each individual spin will being with the initial 3x5 grid but begin to quickly grow and expand as is the case in the base game.

Hippopop™ differs from its predecessors in many ways for example the game does not contain any wilds and ranks as one of the higher volatility slots in the Popwins™ series. This is most evident in its highest paying symbol, that of the hippo, as it can gain a win multiplier on its own that increases once all the paylines are again filled during the free spins round, this will also cause a retrigger to occur. It is therefore possible to land a win multiplier on the highest paying symbol followed by that win then being multiplied again by the overall games multiplier. We just so happened to land this during our time with Hippopop™ as shown above resulting in a win not shy off a thousand X! Its volatility will be for some one of the draw backs as it can land a few dead spins in a row however once the game gathers momentum it will really begin to impress you as it did us. We give it our genius gambling rating of 8 out of 10 and cant wait for it to be released on the 31st May 2021 on Conquestador by clicking below you can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to £100 please check all terms and conditions prior to sign up and as always gamble responsibly.


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