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Hugo Carts Play'N Go Releasing 26/08/2021

Hugo Carts is set to release on the 26/08/2021 by Play'N Go where you will join Hugo and all your favourite characters as they race around the mine, collecting as much gold as they can get their hands on! But, be careful, its a bumpy ride and you might just drop some of the riches along the way...

Hugo Carts Play'N Go first look genius gambling release date

Key Game Features

  1. Hugo IP

  2. Strong fast paced game play with potential

  3. 4 base game features 3 of which can interact with each other for a more dynamic experience

  4. Free Spin character with the ability to unlock additional characters

  5. "Carts" twist to the narrative

Hugo Carts isn't releasing until the 26/08/2021 here we have provided you all the pictures and information currently available for you to see if this game will be worth spending your money on when it does eventually release in quarter 3 of this year. Looking to have a spin in the meantime? why not head over to Lord Ping where you can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to the value of £50 by simply clicking their image below. Terms and conditions apply and as always please gamble responsibly.

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