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Is Green Jade Games New Release RA K.O. Truly A Knockout?

RA K.O. is Green Jade Games latest release and is set to go live on the 22nd of April 2021, Players will be taken on a journey to Egypt, where you will encounter many different game features across the 6x4 game grid. From big paying and second chance giving magic wilds to the lucrative bonus reels and of course the games namesake and ever present knockout feature. All of these will hopefully combine to give you the maximum win potential of 12,040X and a stunning RTP of 96.098%

RA K.O's knockout feature automatically knocks out symbols on the reels with the goal being to line up Loot Box wins during the Base Game. When a symbol is knocked out, it disappears and the symbols above it in the same reel will cascade down to fill the empty space. Loot Box wins must be matches of 3 or more Loot Boxes in a horizontal row, anywhere on the reels. The game will automatically achieve the best possible Loot Box win with the K.O. charges currently available. Charges are earned at a rate of 1 charge per 11 spins, and each charge can K.O. one symbol. Loot Box wins of 3 - 6 of a kind will result in that same number of cash prizes on Ra’s Bonus Reels!

During the Base Game, there is a chance that Ra will gift the player anywhere from 4 to 16 Wild Symbols and add them to the reels after a spin. These additional Wild Symbols will replace the existing symbols in their position on the reels and in turn increase your chances of wins!

Winning combinations of 3 - 6 Loot Boxes will reward players with that same number of prizes on Ra’s Bonus Reels. The Bonus Reels contain special Bonus Symbols, each containing a range of possible prizes from 2X to 2,000X! The Bonus Reels will automatically spin once followed by each symbol revealing their individual cash prize in order from the lowest to the highest value.

We found this game to both be exciting and ground-breaking with the knockout feature shown quite infrequently in other slot games being massively expanded upon in RA K.O. along with the magic wilds allowing a second chance off landing the loot boxes the game never ceases to be impressive and immersive. We give it our genius rating off 8/10 and cant wait to get our hands on it when its released on the 22nd of April 2021. Looking to have a spin in the meantime you can sign up to Lord Ping by clicking below where you can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to £50 please check all terms and conditions prior to sign up and as always gamble responsibly.

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Apr 08, 2021

looking forward to have a go on this one!

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