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Jammin' Jars 2 Full Preview And Review Releasing 02/06/2021

Jammin' Jars 2 is a far departure from its predecessor to say the least! The game will be making a splash on 02/06/2021 when it is released by Push Gaming, Jammin' Jars 2 has an overall RTP of 96.40% and a max win off 50,000x and is described as being highly volatile. We have spent the past day jiving with the Giga Jar and aim in this article to give you an overview of the games features, providing pictures and videos before giving our overall Genius Gambling review of the game.

Base Game

The base game of Jammin Jars 2 is played out over an 8x8 grid quite reminiscent of the original featuring wins triggered by having 5 or more matching fruit symbols together, this will give the player a win with the cash amount being dependant on the type of fruit landed or the amount. These symbols will then be removed from play with a cascade system allowing new symbols to take there place.


  • Instant Cash Prizes - Like with their fruit counterparts 5 or more matching coins will trigger an instant cash prize with the value off the cluster giving the player a multiplier amount of their stake

  • Fruit Blast Feature - May trigger after each cascade the Giga Jar DJ will fire 1-3 giant fruits that will separate to hopefully give cluster wins these can land together but may equally land at opposing ends off the dancefloor

  • Three Jar Bonus - playing out similarly to the original, if three jars land on the dancefloor the player will be awarded 6 free spins with the jars gaining increasing multipliers per hit and moving across the grid. They can also land and multiply the instant cash prize coins this time around.

  • Gold Vinyl Collections - A gold vinyl will randomly land on the game grid moving the player slowly towards unlocking the Giga Jar feature it takes a minimum off 150 gold vinyls to unlock this and it increases in increments of 30 over the course of 5 levels. Be warned in our experience it took a lot more than 150!

  • Giga Jar Feature - Will award the player a special type of bonus where the three jars are in play with only the instant win coins able to land on the grid. The giga jar will take up the space of four coins, the goal being to land as many coins as possible linking to the jars and also the giga jar

Genius Gambling Review

The addition off the gold vinyl collectable and the giga jar feature was quite a surprise, despite hearing a lot about these in the run up to Jammin' Jars 2 release we didn't expect them to so heavily alter the core game mechanics that players have come to expect from the original classic. The game is now a "grind" style game which was without doubt a surprise for us! Is there wins to be had in the base game yes, however the overall frequency off these hits atleast during our time with Jammin' Jars 2 was heavily reduced when compared to the original in favour off an overall grind mechanic throughout the game that will hopefully pay dividends at the end. Think off this game more akin to Wild Swarm rather than a Jammin' Jars sequel and you will prevent yourself being as disappointed as we were initially.

With that being said the game is a visual and audio masterpiece and the variations of features with the addition of the instant cash prizes and fruit blast features do help to maintain interest throughout the grind. However atleast in our experience it took us over 6 hours of continual spinning to reach the giga jar feature. With our eventual tally off gold vinyls coming in at 193 collected. The giga jar feature is fun and adds a different aspect to the game removing the fruit symbols with only instant cash coins in play but the horrendous grind expected to get there really takes a level of patience we were not expecting.

Because of that we give Jammin' Jars 2 our overall Genius Gambling rating off 6.5 out of 10 if you enjoy spending that much time with one slot and grinding and investing quite a lot of money in order to land a super bonus style game you may disagree with our rating but at least for us Jammin' Jars 2 asks far too much from the player to give it a higher rating. You can of course be the judge for yourselves as we have included a video below demonstrating some features of the game. It will be released on Party Casino on the 02/06/2021 where you can deposit £10 today and get 50 free spins by clicking the image below, please gamble responsibly and check all terms and conditions prior to sign up.


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