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Robin Nottingham Raiders Releasing 05/07/2021

Peter and Sons are again working in collaboration with Yggdrasil to release there up and coming Robin Hood inspired slot game Robin Nottingham Raiders. Set over a 5x4 grid the game consists of 20 paylines and features symbols based around the tight wearing vigilante. From Friar Tuck to bows and even Maid Marian you'll be whisked off to the streets of Nottingham where you can hopefully benefit from the 96.07% RTP and the games notably high volatility. Here we will take a look at the games many features and bonuses providing both videos and pictures before giving our overall Genius Gambling review.

The game has many different features the most obvious being the Gold coin collecting wild! This will replace any symbol on the game grid to help provide the player with a win but will also be collected and stored to the right of the game board, upon 9 off these gold coins being collected they will all be placed onto the game grid at once allowing for some huge hits. The gold coins are also joined by there regular silver coloured counterparts that act as regular wilds and these also help provide the player consistent wins.

You will need to land three scatter symbols for the bonus to trigger and it will award the player with 15 free spins. The same game design carries over into the bonus game with the aim being to collect as many gold coins as possible. Again the maximum is 9 however they are broken up into sets of three with each three gained allowing the player to have in turn three additional wilds on screen. Underneath each reel is a multiplier that is triggered by having the following

  • 3 wilds on the same reel adds a x2 multiplier

  • 4 wilds on the same reel adds a x3 multiplier

  • the overall multiplier is calculated by multiplying all of the reel multipliers against each other

We really did enjoy our time with Robin Nottingham Raiders the game design allows the 9 wild gold coin feature to always be within touching distance which gave us something to continually aim for and the bonus is a continuation of this great concept. However the game grid itself is extremely small, taking a bit of a back seat to the artistic take on Nottingham itself. Also if the gold coins aren't appearing as regularly as usual the game feels a little empty, therefore we award Robin Nottingham Raiders our Genius Gabmling rating of 7 out of 10. If you would like to be the judge yourselves we have provided a video below off some off our time with the game. It'll be releasing on the 05/07/2021over on Party Casino where you can deposit £10 today and get 50 free spins by clicking below, please gamble responsibly and check all terms and conditions prior to sign up.


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