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The Magic Cauldron Enchanted Brew, Full Preview Releasing 27/05/2021

The Magic Cauldron Enchanted Brew is set to cause a stir when it releases on the 27th of May 2021. Pragmatic Play describe it as having a high volatility and this is shown by its max win of 5000x and its RTP of 96.44% the game itself is set across a 7x7 grid where matching 5 or more symbols will trigger a win. Here we take a look at what the game is cooking up and with a close view at each at each of its features, a video preview and an overall rating.

In this game matching symbols are the ingredients for the the magic cauldrons brew with it requiring 25 symbols to cook up a feature. These will give the player game modifiers helping them to then reach the next 25 symbol win in order to then trigger the next feature. The base game itself is also home to marked symbols represented with a blue outline triggering a win on these parts off the grid will unlock wilds that again help you progress through and gain the games features.

Game Features

  • Befuddlement - Changes all high value symbols on the screen into low value symbols hopefully making it easier to get a hit

  • Invisibrew - All low value symbols on the screen are removed and new symbols fall from the top

  • Balm Of Transfiguration - Will change all of one low paying symbol on the screen into a high paying symbol

  • Enlarging Ale - Will increase the overall size off one symbol to a 3x3 version off itself knocking at the very least 9 off the magic brew counter

Upon unlocking the fifth game modifier you will randomly trigger either the Potion Of Darkness or the Unicorn Dust feature, these offer the biggest chances of landing huge wins!

  • Potion Of Darkness - will again remove all low paying symbols from the screen but only high paying symbols will drop in to the grid to replace them

  • Unicorn Dust - 3 or 4 wild symbols are placed on the screen randomly with a win multiplier attached to them that increases with each hit

Understandably all these unique game features can be quite confusing but they are very a kin to previous releases like the gems bonanza slot or reactoonz. We have included a video preview below that will allow you to see the game in action as we were playing it. During our time with The Magic Cauldron Enchanted Brew we were constantly winning or getting wilds or the previously mentioned features and this kept the game exciting, engaging and overall a joy to play. Because of that we give it our Genius Gambling rating of 8 out of 10 and are excited to play it when its released on the 27th of May 2021 on Party Casino where you can deposit £10 today by clicking their image below and claim 50 free spins please gamble responsibly and check all terms and conditions prior to sign up.


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