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The Ups and Downs Of Cash Elevator Pragmatic Plays New Release

Prepare to board the Cash Elevator on the 20th May 2021 when Pragmatic Play in collaboration with Reel Play release their new 20-payline videoslot over a 3×5 grid. The game boasts an impressive max multiplier win of 20,000x and an RTP of 96.64% with a dynamic game system built around its namesake its played out through a rising and falling elevator that will be fully explored here.

The elevator has you starting on the first floor and moving up and down through 13 available stages. From the second floor onward, each level removes the lowest paying symbol from the grid, leaving only the high-paying ones on the screen as you progress through the game. Reaching the basement the lowest floor in the game will randomly place you on one of the higher levels so sometimes it is beneficial to be on one of the lower floors. Floor 13 grants the player the Hold and Spin bonus which gives you four chances of landing cash resetting if a win is landed this in our experience with Cash Elevator was by far the easiest bonus to land.

Upon landing the hold and spin bonus you will be given the choice of three ravens which will decide how many coins you start with prior to the four resetting spins beginning. The aim is to land a "bellboy tip" which will give you a higher coin amount than a typical coin or a multiplier these will be displayed in dollars rather than coins. The much Harder bonus to land however is the Dead Lovers Feature. Again you have to choose a raven to determine how many spins you will have upon the Free Spins beginning the two lovers the game is based around become wild reels that move closer from either side off the grid until they become 1 wild reel, moving only if you hit a win corresponding to the floor you are on. It took us personally 650 spins to land this bonus and on the second attempt 827 bad luck possibly but the wait also wasn't worth it with the two wild reels very quickly turning into one.

Overall we did enjoy our time with Cash Elevator however the constant ups and downs off the game do prove to be more frustrating than enjoyable which is a shame as this is the core feature and what the entire game is based around. We found ourselves climbing our way to floor 12 only to land four go down a level symbols in a row pushing us from the brink off the bonus to having to start all over again with the grind. If that is something you can look past the game itself is actually quite fun and throughout our time with it our balance remained objectively steady not giving is a huge win or a huge loss and this meandering of the balance is indictive of how Cash Elevator is for every good point and progress made there is a bad, because of that we give Cash Elevator our Genius Gambling rating of 5.5 out of 10. You can be the judge yourself when Cash Elevator is released on the 20th May 2021 on Mega Casino by clicking below you can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to £50 please check all terms and conditions prior to sign up and as always gamble responsibly.


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