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Agent Of Hearts Play'N Go First Look Releasing 19/07/2021

Wonderland needs your help once again! The secret to its wealth and prosperity is the Queen's heart which is usually kept under lock and key, but the three magical keys have been stolen! Without them Wonderland will fall into ruin. The Queen makes you an offer, to be the new Agent Of Hearts and find the keys. Your prize for completing the task will be a share of Wonderlands enormous wealth. So what are you waiting for find the keys and earn yourself a reward.

Agent of hearts playn go release new game genius gambling

Key Game Features

  1. Part of the Rabbit Hole Riches series

  2. Unique UI and grid shape

  3. non win spin random wilds

  4. 4 character features triggered by winning with corresponding HP's

  5. Free Round with the MEGA WILD!

Agents of Hearts looks to be an exciting grid game and one we cant wait to get our hands on with it being a continuation of the Rabbit Hole Riches series. However with it not releasing until the 19/07/2021 not much is known off the game, we have provided all the pictures and information currently available so you can decide if this is the game for you upon its release. Fancy a spin in the meantime why not head over to Party Casino Where you can claim 50 free spins upon depositing £10 by simply clicking below please check all terms and conditions prior to sign up and as always gamble responsibly.

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