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Exclusive Interview with Aurum Signature Studios Head Madelein Ozok (MBA)

Genius Gambling gets an insight into the success of the independent slot studio, Aurum Signature Studios by picking the brains of its head Madelein Ozok (MBA). In this exclusive interview prior to the launch of their upcoming release Book of Mrs. Claus we will take a look at the processes that go into creating a slot release and some of the studios previous and upcoming work.

Genius Gambling Exclusive Interview with Aurum Signature Studios Head Madelein Ozok

What makes Aurum Signature Studios Geniuses? and separates you from the competition in the gambling sphere?

Aurum Signature Studios specialises in bespoke games created exclusively for a single operator. We work closely with the operator to understand their specific wants and needs and deliver a game that is unique to them – giving them a competitive advantage.

Aurum Signature Studios Bespoke Slots

Since Aurum Signature Studios launched you have released over 20 hit games many of which are a staple in the industry for those not aware of your brand. What have been some of your most popular slot releases?

Most of our games are bespoke and thus the intent is that it is popular for that operator. Some examples are Jungle Mega Moolah – Kindred, Joker Mega Moolah – Betsson, Danmarks Vikinger – Danske Spil, Knockout Party – Entain, Frank City Robberies – Avento, just to name a few.

Occasionally we also create global games such as deadmau5, A Tale of Elves and Burlesque by Dita exclusively for distribution to Microgaming customers all our games can be viewed on our website.

Aurum Signature Studios Slot Games

Where did the journey of Aurum Signature Studios start?

Operators had indicated the desire for bespoke games and Microgaming answered this need in 2019 when Aurum Signature Studios was born we have since become a vibrant team of talented artists, developers and quality assurance specialists with a passion for creative excellence.

Exclusive Interview with Aurum Signature Studios Team

Aurum Signature Studios recently launched Mega Moolah The Witch's Moon. Could you tell us any more about this slot release?

Yes! We were super excited about this Halloween-themed game, which launched globally on the 30 September 2021. Building on the successful blocks of the original Mega Moolah’s four progressive jackpots, we enhanced the player experience and excitement with anticipation features in the base game and win history for each of the jackpots, to name a few. The art is fun and light-hearted with a magical and mystical audio, delivering a truly enjoyable experience whilst chasing those big jackpots.

Mega Moolah The Witch's Moon

What does the rest of 2021 have in store for Aurum Signature Studios?

We will deliver 15 bespoke games this year to a range of operators, completing 2021 with a Christmas-themed global game called Book of Mrs. Claus. This game is definitely one that players will love.

(You can read our full review of Book of Mrs Claus by clicking here)

Book Of Mrs Claus Hyper Spins Slot

Could you provide some detail to our readers as to how a slot game begins design wise, through production to the finished game we end up playing when made by Aurum Signature Studios?

The winning recipe for a successful bespoke game is the collaboration with the operator. We always begin with a discussion around their needs, what theme they believe their players enjoy, where they feel there is a gap in the market, etc. Once the features, theme and art style are decided, Aurum sends the operator a mood board with initial sketches for approval. Every step of art, animation and audio designs are approved, as well as the final build prior to releasing the game to testing and certification. Whilst the game is built by the development team, we create marketing assets and plan marketing and promotional campaigns with the operator, setting a launch date to take the game live.

Aurum Signature Studios latest slot release Book of Mrs. Claus is launching tomorrow! You can keep up with their exciting journey by visiting their website and of course a big thank you to Madelein Ozok (MBA) and the entire team at Aurum Signature Studios for their time and insight today.

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Nov 30, 2021

Haven’t heard of them before but will be checking them out now, thank you for the story, always get the best up to date news on here. Legends

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