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Gambling Statistics Throughout June 2021

The Gambling Commission have published it's gambling and operator data for June 2021 which shows a reduction in all gambling activities across the board but with an increase in total players. The statistics are gathered from its licensees and operators which account for more than 80% of the British online market and beyond.

Gambling Commission UK Data June 2021 Genius Gambling

The entire market across these licensees accounted for £496.1 million which shows a steady and consistent decline from May totalling £533.4 million and April's £560 million. Event betting saw an increase accounting for nearly half of all gambling activities throughout the month due to the start of the Euros 2020 bringing in £242.2 million of the nations overall spend on gambling in June. Slots contributed highly to the nations gambling activities but also saw a month on month decline from £180.7 million in June compared to £211.2 million in May.

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Other casino games, such as live games accounted for £59 million a reduction of nearly 10% on the previous months habits with virtual betting seeing a reduction of nearly 20% making up just £5.9 million of the nations spend on gambling. Poker very similarly saw a drop of nearly 20% in June compared to may with an overall spend of £5.9 million. With E-sports betting bringing in the smallest amount of gamblers with a £1 million spend in total by the nation.

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This is all surprisingly offset by an increase in players across the board with slot players increasing by 1.1%, casino gamblers seeing an increase in foot fall of 1.5% and triggered by the euros in June event betting increasing by a huge 9.1% compared to Mays quantity of gamblers. This all shows that gambling is as prevalent and popular as ever with an increasing player base but with the general population becoming more aware of how to gamble responsibly. This is highlighted by the average slot gambling session reducing to 19 minutes compared to 21 minutes the previous month with those who have a slot session lasting over an hour decreasing by nearly 10% in total. We will see if this increase in total gamblers but reduction in spend continues throughout this month by publishing its data as it becomes available.


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