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Exclusive Interview With Crazy Tooth Studio's Vice President Of Design, Will Burrows

Genius Gambling gets an insight into the success of Crazy Tooth Studio by picking the brains of its Vice President Of Design, Will Burrows ahead of their next slot releases and gain a look at the studios future endeavours!

Exclusive Interview With Crazy Tooth Studio's Vice President Of Design, Will Burrows

Hi Will! Thank you for this interview. Crazy Tooth Studio® has created some iconic slots many of which have become a staple for gamblers play sessions from The Incredible Balloon Machine™ to Banana Drop™ and more but for those not aware of your studio could you give us a brief overview of who you are?

Certainly! Thanks for reaching out for this interview. Crazy Tooth Studio® is a full-service game studio - which means we do everything from the initial concept all the way to art and animation, software engineering, math, sound and music, marketing, language translations… we do it all in-house. We’re based in Reno, Nevada, USA and got our start in land-based gaming in 2011. Over the last few years, we have made igaming our primary focus.

Crazy Tooth Studio Logo Interview

We have made a review of your upcoming release Lucky Clucks™ and a preview of Golden Hook™, two extremely different games. Could you tell us more about them?

Lucky Clucks™ is a wacky, chicken-themed slot game that features our Big BuildUp™ mechanic. With Big BuildUp™, the player can build up potential wins while playing that can pay off during a feature. We’ve taken it a step further in Lucky Clucks™: the player can build up potential stacked wilds, bigger multipliers, and even increase a Mother Hen Prize that can be awarded with any feature! The Raise The Roof Bonus takes it all into the sky by making the increased reel heights persistent - making for a farm frenzy of a good time. (You can read our full review here.)

Golden Hook™ takes the slot game experience and moulds it into a beautiful day of off-shore fishing on pristine waters. Each spin is a cast of your line as you try to land that colourful trophy fish. Spend too long cranking the line and it could snap! Trigger the feature for a chance at a multiplier up to 10x or catch the Golden Hook Bonus tuna and get a view underwater as you try to hook some of the gorgeous fish swimming by - or even a multiplier delivered by a giant crab! Golden Hook™ takes advantage of our patented WiNCREASE™ technology to make the wagering of a slot game feel totally fresh. (You can read our full preview here.)

Golden Hook Wincrease Crazy Tooth Studio Interview

Golden Hook™ has quite a late 2021 release. What does 2022 have on the horizon for you?

2022 will have a very exciting start for us with a highly anticipated title: Rhino Rilla Rex™ featuring TeamUp Reels™. Next up will be 777 Rainbow Respins™ featuring RESPIN INSANITY™. These two titles, not unlike Lucky Clucks™ and Golden Hook™, only have our standard level of production and innovation in common. We always have several titles in development, but here’s more about these two:

Rhino Rilla Rex™ has the look and feel of a blockbuster movie with a charging rhinoceros, roaring gorilla, and thrashing t-rex at the forefront. Trigger the Team-Up Reels™ Feature and watch the DNA of these fearsome animals combine to unleash four new creatures and with them some epic wins! Rhino Rilla Rex™ also packs in four Beast Prizes and an exciting bonus.

777 Rainbow Respins™ is an Irish themed slot game with four 7-symbol high reels featuring RESPIN INSANITY™ - which means every win, spins again. Your host is a jovial leprechaun whose magical hat can deliver locking multipliers. 777 Rainbow Respins™ is a whimsical, Emerald Isle experience and an adrenaline pumping gaming ride at the same time!

Look for game trailers, CTS Lab Videos, and more at

Rhino Rilla Rex Slot First Look Crazy Tooth Studio

What separates Crazy Tooth Studio® from the competition in the gambling sphere? Everybody says passion, right? For us, I think it’s… passion. We really do love making games but perhaps what sets us apart is how we make games. Everyone at CTS, from every discipline, is involved in all the steps along the way that it takes to get a game from an idea to being played around the world. From a player’s perspective, the math, art, sound - everything - has to work together to bring an experience to life. So why not develop the game that way as well?

Lucky Clucks Crazy Tooth Studio Interview

What has been the biggest win on one of your slot releases so far?

I really don’t know. One of our games - Seven 7’s™ - features a jackpot prize of 25,000 times your bet and I’m pretty darn sure that’s been won since the game’s release!

seven 7's crazy tooth studio interview

You often describe yourselves as Game Design Scientists. Could you elaborate as to some of the fundamentals of creating a slot at Crazy Tooth Studio® from initial design, to the maths that goes into it and the finished product we get to play?

Ah yes, Game Design Scientists indeed. Thinking of a successful gaming experience holistically, and developing our titles thusly, is certainly our main guiding principal. When you get into the more individual disciplines it takes to pull together a game, I think another characteristic we all share at CTS is the removal of personal ego. It’s like that scene in the movie Office Space with the banner that reads “Is This Good For The Company?” - we need one that reads “Is This Good For The Game?”. We also try to give each game a few bullet points at the outset - a few guiding characteristics that we can come back to throughout the development. What kind of game is it? What kind of experience are we going for? Oh, and we try to have good time. We get to make games, after all. Just check out our YouTube Channel.

crazy tooth studio game design scientists interview genius gambling

Could you tell us about your INCISOR® Development Platform?

Since day one, over ten years ago, we recognized ways that software development could be more efficient and versatile. With our level of innovation and our high standards for production value for our gaming products, we had to start making our own tools - that’s when our proprietary tools and methods really took shape and evolved into INCISOR® - our web software development platform. Our gaming products really show off INCISOR’s capabilities, but the applications are endless. We’re excited to share more about INCISOR® in the coming year!

Incisor Development Platform Crazy Tooth Studio Interviewrview G

Crazy Tooth Studios next release is Lucky Clucks which launches on the 04/11/2021 closely followed by Golden Hook on the 08/12/2021 you can keep up to date with all the exciting and innovating slot releases Crazy Tooth Studios are working on by visiting their website here or their twitter which can be found here. We look forward to seeing what else the studio has lined up for us on their exciting journey and of course a huge thank you to Will Burrows and the whole team at Crazy Tooth Studio for their time and insight today.


Oct 22, 2021

Great read 😀 Is This Good For The Game? - Love that !


Oct 22, 2021

Wow! What an in-depth interview covering a lot of information. The questions you have asked are exactly what us as customers want to see. Thank you. looking forward to the next interview.

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