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Dave Lame: Bad Magician Slot By SG Digital Review

Failing magician Dave Lame is here to amaze you with his wondrous magic show in SG Digitals upcoming release Dave Lame: Bad Magician. The slot will launch on the 21/09/2021 with a set RTP of 96.00% and a max win of 5,000x. Here we will provide you with first look pictures and descriptions before giving the slot our full Genius Gambling Review and Rating.

Dave Lame: Bad Magician Slot By SG Digital

Base Game

Set across a 5x3 grid Dave Lame: Bad Magician has its low paying symbols portrayed by different cards ranging from Jack to Ace with the highest paying symbols being depicted by different magical props from rabbits in hats to saws and flowers. Matching at least three of these symbols across the slots 20 paylines will unlock a minimum win with additional symbols granting higher X pay outs for the player. You are aided in creating these symbol combinations by the slots wild symbol which substitutes all other symbols in the game except the scatter. Equally Dave Lame can cast some magic and duplicate himself to the other side of the game board meaning that the slot now pays from both directions making it twice as likely for you to land a hit.

Bonus Game

Awarded for landing the scatter symbol on reels 1,3 and 5 the player is given a a random choice of pots to pick from, with each awarding a separate bonus with different in game features. The player can choose to gamble or collect whichever they win but be warned gambling and choosing incorrectly can immediately end the bonus round. The following features can be won during this round;

  • Knife Throw - Select three of the 10 balloons on a wheel each of which contains a multiplier ranging from 2x to 50x

  • Rabbit Out Of Dave's Hat - Awards 6 free spins with rabbits and doves being in play that can replace any symbol on the game board with wilds

  • Card Trick - Card multipliers land on the game grid and are added to together to award an X win, additional spins can be won upon landing a joker card

  • Escapology Act - awards unlimited free spins, each tap symbol landed on reel 5 adds and extra row to the reel and 10 extra paylines whilst adding an incremental multiplier

  • Sawing A Reel In Half - Dave Lame cuts the game board into 2, 3 or 4 separate games with any wilds landing transferring to all games in play landing three bonuses again awards an additional 2 spins

Genius Gambling Review

Let us be as clear as possible do not play this game. If you are looking for a glitchy, boring, slow, repetitive, frustrating, weird mess of a slot maybe this is for you, otherwise stear clear! The base game spins are not only dull but glitchy each spin seems to take forever and there's strange gaps in time between spins that really slow down the pacing of the game. Its only feature that of the slot now paying both ways has an animation that occasionally chooses to play and occasionally doesn't making it impossible to keep up with what's actually happening. Equally the multiple bonus games are a bug riddled mess. The Sawing A Reel In Half bonus (the hardest to win and biggest paying) we won but the game proceeded to crash three times during play, we persevered and later won the Card Trick bonus which also bugged and didn't show us any cards or spins that landed in play. The games stats are rather impressive but only if you can bare to play what is objectively not only a buggy and unfinished mess but is arguable quite ugly. The art style and aesthetic is just too garish and there really isn't much to celebrate with this release meaning that we are unfortunately forced to give SG Digital's Dave Lame: Bad Magician our Genius Gambling Rating of 2 out of 10! We would typically upload a video to show the game in action but the constant bugs, crashes and just bad game design mean we couldn't piece together a video from our recording so you may just have to trust us on this one. If you're curious to see how much polish SG Digital could add to Dave Lame prior to its release on the 21/09/2021 feel free to give the slot a chance but don't say we didn't warn you.


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