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What Is RTP And What Does It Mean For Players

RTP or Return To Player is a way of measuring how much to expect a slot to return to the player and this is formulated using a percentage and calculated over 1 million spins. Inclusive of dead spins, max wins and everything in between the industry standard over the past few years has been 95% meaning that if a player was to spin a slot 100 times at a £1 stake there potential return on average would be £95.

What is RTP? Genius Gambling

Variable RTP

In recent years variable RTP has become more and more common with us recently reporting on the industry juggernaut Push Gaming offering variable RTP across all of their slot offerings. Variable RTP is when a slot provider will release a game with multiple RTP ranges usually made to adhere to different countries and regions RTP laws. However many UK casinos will take a game made for perhaps the Maltese market that has its RTP set at around 85% and offer this version within the UK which is why we always advise to check what version of a game you are playing and use previously checked and verified casinos.

Push Gaming Logo Variable RTP

RTP In Practice

Roulette and other live games give is an insight into how RTP works the choice of red or black appears to be a 50/50 choice however when factoring in the 0 green number or sometimes double 0 it becomes clear that the house edge will always work against you with most roulette tables having an RTP of around 95%. Blackjack also has many different iterations of formulas and strategies where the player when following a guide can increase their RTP to around 99% but again the house edge always prevails.

Roulette Wheel Genius Gambling

High RTP Slots

Recently released slot Book of 99 is the first release to have such a high RTP with it being set at 99% the slot by Relax Gaming will need to draw a lot of players for the provider and casino to turn a profit because on average across every spin made the player will only lose £1 per £100 gambled and unfortunately it is in our combined losses where these companies make their money. Book of 99 was arguably not the smash hit Relax Gaming had hoped for with players preferring exciting gameplay over exciting statistics.

Book of 99 Logo Relax Gaming

In conclusion when gambling it is well known that the casino always wins and RTP works as a way of measuring by how much they are winning. We always advise when gambling to not only gamble responsibly but gamble smart (dare we say like a genius) by knowing when you are up and learning to withdraw your winnings, the odds are unfortunately against you overall so keep this in mind during your next play session and be sure to withdraw your winnings!


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