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Piggy Bank Bills Slot By Pragmatic Play Review

Are you ready to match up two halves of the same bill in Pragmatic Plays upcoming release Piggy Bank Bills a slot with an innovative and imaginative approach to paylines and wins. Piggy Bank Bills will release on the 07/10/2021 and launch with a max win of 5,000x, high volatility and a yet to be confirmed variable RTP. Here we will provide you first look pictures and videos of this upcoming release before giving our full Genius Gambling Review and Rating.

Piggy Bank Bills By Pragmatic Play Logo

Base Game

Played across 6 reels Piggy Bank Bills features bank notes that portray different X wins on them, from the lowest paying symbol being 0.25x the players bet to the highest giving 1,000x the player bet. These can pay anywhere on the game board as long as a pair of matching bank notes of the same value are facing each other and join to form one whole bill. Winning combinations can only happen on reels 1 and 2, 3 and 4 and 5 and 6. Creating matching symbols is made easier for the player by the wild note symbol that substitutes all other symbols except the scatter awarding the player the value of whatever non wild half is present. If two wilds connect to form a whole bill a random value is chosen to be paid to the player. Much like in pragmatics recently released Empty The Bank there is a random feature present in the base game which once triggered can give three different game altering features portrayed by a large pig to the right of the game grid being visible these are;

  • Piggy Bonus - During the reel spin Piggy can randomly appear giving the player a chance to win the free spins bonus

  • Piggy Win - After the reels stop, Piggy can randomly appear transforming two or more losing symbols on the screen into a winning combination

  • Piggy Wilds - During the reel spin Piggy can randomly appear and put 2, 3 or 4 wilds on the screen

Bonus Game

Awarded for landing two scatter symbols next to each other and with them joining to become a whole scatter symbol. The player is initially awarded 8 free spins with symbols now having a chance of gaining a random 2x or 3x multiplier attached to them increasing the win potential of the game. If there are two multipliers on the same winning bill they will multiply one another before being added to the win. Also during the free spins round the lowest paying symbols are removed from play with the first spin removing the 0.25x bill, the third spin removing the 0.5x bill, the fifth spin removing the 1x bill and the seventh spin removing the 2x bill. This leaves only 5x and above symbols in play for the very last spin.

Genius Gambling Review

Piggy Bank Bills truly scraps formulaic mechanics with how players achieve wins within this slot however be warned its high volatility will mean that more often than not you will land low paying wins, the most common win at least during our time with the game was 0.25x which although frequent unfortunately costs more to get than you can win. The bonus is fun and creates a crescendo effect with the lowest paying symbols being removed from play throughout the free spins round leaving only the biggest paying symbols in play during the last spin and these can all have a multiplier attached to them increasing the win further. The way the game gives wins although innovative can be rather frustrating with matching pairs needed to unlock a win its not an element of the game we particularly enjoyed and because of these reasons we award Piggy Bank Bills our Genius Gambling Rating of 6 out of 10! We have provided a short video demo below of the slot in action so you can see how the game plays and decide if its something you will enjoy or find frustrating as we did. Either way we look forward to its release on the 07/10/2021 and always welcome new ideas to how a slot can play. If you're looking for a spin prior to its release below are also our 6 Genius approved casinos of the month. Where you can deposit today and claim yourself some free spins or a 100% match deposit bonus terms and conditions apply and as always please gamble responsibly.


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